OMD S.p.a. macchine per la fabbricazione e la lavorazione di molle  Manufacturing of spring making and working machines  Maschinen fuer die Produktion und Bearbeitung von Federn  OMD S.p.a. Изготовление пружинных и рабочих машин 


C6-1S Automatic CNC coiling machine for compression, torsion and extension springs  C6-1S Automatic CNC coiling machine for compression, torsion and extension springs

This coiling machine is suitable to automatically manufacture left- or right-hand coil-springs of cylindrical, conical, double-conical or barrel shape with uniform or variable pitch.
Torsion springs with straight shanks can be manufactured as well (optional attachment).


- Quick change from rigth hand to left hand coiled springs
- High precision and repeatability of all machine movements due to independent motors without lag, installed on each axis
- The position of the cutting mandrel as well as its locking is controlled via the program.
- Display of the cutter position
- Quick change-over from one cutting method to the other (linear-, rotary- and torsion cut) without the need to change other attachments (except cutting tools)
- Windows-based programming with graphic display
- Automatic monitoring of production data, and automatic correction of the spring parameters
- Possibility to attach spring gaging equipment (optional)
- Possiblity for remote diagnostics and technical service via modem (optional)

Wire diameter (d)  min 1.5 mm max 6 mm 
External spring diameter (Da)  max 90 mm 
Spring length (Lo)  unlimited 
Wire feed speed  0 - 120 m/min 
Coiling index 6  1:3 
Total installed power  50 kW 
Wire feed rollers  3 pairs 
Wire feed rollers pressure  max. 120 bar 
Voltage  400 V 50 Hz 

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Industry 4.0

OMD offers open and customizable systems that enable complete machine networking.
OPC-UA and / or MQTT interfaces for the interconnection between the machines and the communication with the company infrastructure and on the cloud.

OMD will be at the WIRE 2024 fair in Dsseldorf (15/04/2024 - 19/04/2024), the most important biennial event in the world.

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