OMD S.p.a. macchine per la fabbricazione e la lavorazione di molle  Manufacturing of spring making and working machines  Maschinen fuer die Produktion und Bearbeitung von Federn  OMD S.p.a. Изготовление пружинных и рабочих машин 


C9.1 Automatic CNC coiling machine for compression, torsion and extension springs C9 Automatic CNC coiling machine for compression, torsion and extension springs

This coiling machine is suitable to automatically manufacture left- or right-hand coil-springs of cylindrical, conical, double-conical or barrel shape with uniform or variable pitch.
Torsion springs with straight shanks can be manufactured as well (optional attachment).


- Quick change from rigth hand to left hand coiled springs
- High precision and repeatability of all machine movements due to independent motors without lag, installed on each axis
- The position of the cutting mandrel as well as its locking is controlled via the program.
- Display of the cutter position
- Quick change-over from one cutting method to the other (linear-, rotary- and torsion cut) without the need to change other attachments (except cutting tools)
- Windows-based programming with graphic display
- Automatic monitoring of production data, and automatic correction of the spring parameters
- Possibility to attach spring gaging equipment (optional)
- Possiblity for remote diagnostics and technical service via modem (optional)

Ø filo (d)  2 - 9 mm 
Ø esterno molla (Da)  max 150 mm 
Lunghezza molla (Lo)  unlimited 
Velocità avanzamento filo  0 - 90 m/min 
Coiling index Ø 9  1 : 3 
Total installed power  83 kW 
Wire feed rollers  4 pairs 
Wire feed rollers pressure  max. 120 bar 
Voltaggio  400 V 50 Hz 

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Industria 4.0

OMD offre sistemi aperti e personalizzabili che abilitano il networking completo delle macchine.
Interfacce OPC-UA e/o MQTT per l'interconnessione tra i macchinari e la comunicazione con l'infrastruttura delle aziende e sui cloud.

WIRE 2024 Düsseldorf OMD

La OMD sarà presente dal 15 al 19 Aprile alla Fiera WIRE 2024 di Düsseldorf, l'appuntamento biennale più importante al mondo.

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