OMD S.p.a. macchine per la fabbricazione e la lavorazione di molle  Manufacturing of spring making and working machines  Maschinen fuer die Produktion und Bearbeitung von Federn  OMD S.p.a. Изготовление пружинных и рабочих машин 


coiling benches compression torsion spring

The machine is used for the automatic production of compression springs with left or right winding, with constant or variable pitch. Moreover it is possible to realize torsion springs with stems. The step is programmable on CN.

wickelbaenke Herstellung Schenkelfedern torni avvolgitori molle a compressione torsione WH20-torni-avvolgitori-molle-a-coiling benches compression torsion spring 

Dati tecnici Misure 
Resistenza filo  1800 N/mm 900 N/mm 
Diametro filo  da 6 -16 mm fino a 20 mm 
Diametro esterno molla  min. 20 mm - max. 200 mm 
Lunghezza molla  max. 1000 mm 
Giri mandrino avvolgitore  max. 135 giri/min 
Lunghezza primo gambo  max. 350 mm 
Lunghezza secondo gambo  infinito 

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Industry 4.0

OMD offers open and customizable systems that enable complete machine networking.
OPC-UA and / or MQTT interfaces for the interconnection between the machines and the communication with the company infrastructure and on the cloud.

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