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Wire 2016

The Multi-Former is a machine designed for the manufacture of complicated springs and bent components.
All bending and coiling units are operated by axes, which are all indepently driven and controlled.
Programming is supported by modern PC graphic methods.
The dialogue between operator and machine is effective and simple.

There is the possibility to transfer the part-to-be-made into several sequential processing stations.
The result is an increased output and a higher flexibility.


- Wire orientation unit (rotating wire) and rotary wire guide are controlled independently from each other. Hence, the wire can be turned into another position while feeding.
- Coiling head sutiable to operate in the coiling mode as well as in the winding mode
- Means to program springs according to the "teach-in" principle, without restriction to standard tooling.
- Windows-based programming with graphic display
- Automatic monitoring of production data, and automatic correction of the spring parameters
- Possibility to attach spring gaging equipment (optional)
- Possiblity for remote diagnostics and technical service via modem (optional)

Wire -   3,00 - 9,00 mm.  
Spring -   max.150 mm  
Wire Feed  unlimited  
Wire Feeding Speed  70 m/min  
Length, Leading Shank  max.320 mm  
Length, Leading Shank  unlimited  


Wire 2016

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